• Who are we?
    We are a movement, offering ideas and knowledge that will inspire you to move in a new positive direction.
  • What do we do?
    – Sell Land
    – Build Communities
    – AirBNB for homes! We want to you to have minimal bagage in your life, the houses have baggage, they have everything you will need, minimalistic,


We are Peace of Paradise, offering you unique and untouched real-estate in some of the most beautiful locations accross the world.

Peace of Paradise is a dynamic international empowerment collective with lands in North America, Central America, Indonesia, India and more. We are Artists, Visionaries, Wellness Professionals, Scientists, Economists, Designers, Lawyers and more from all ages and nationalities. Utilizing the scientific method, the hypothesis we seek to test is that Human Beings live better in cooperation than they do in the illusion of separation.

With the utilization of pure air, structured water, sacred fire, earthing, free energy and new technologies, we are cleaning and balancing our minds, our bodies, our spirits, our planet … Exploring and manifesting emerging solutions to alternative living through intentional communities, celebrations, holistic retreats, music, literature, film, free energy and off the grid technologies and much more, Peace of Paradise is an open source round table group inspired by our past and shaping a vibrant future now. At┬áPeace of Paradise we support all ecologically sensitive and bio-dynamic villages and living laboratories in the pursuit and support of artistic embodiments of grace and goodwill. We maintain that not only is this happening right now, but that it is absolutely necessary for the survival of our species. It is our intention and mission to also support housing and educational facilities to children of all bloodlines and socio economic status. We will offer work trade positions in our gardens, teaching positions in our learning centers, healing positions in our wellness centers, holistic senior care in our elders centers, spiritual offerings in our sanctuaries and epic throw downs on our dance floors.

We are welcoming all projects in relation and association with the Peace of Paradise ideals

We are dreamers

We are doers

We are the paradigm rising

We are truth seekers empowering each other

We have diverse skills knowledge and backgrounds

We are creating communities where people can achieve their full potential

We communicate in a spirit of harmony to serve each other and humanity

We do not have a group religion and are not promoting any faith, religious ceremonies or any politic views

We do not have a central leader

We operate by consensus with responsibility shared among various specialized counsels

We are Peace of Paradise

Sustainability matters, eco, real estate, building materials, gentle jungle, nature, freedom, empowerment, humanity, perfection.