Sanctuary Lagoon, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


Sanctuary lagoon is strategically located in the heart of the tourism and archaeological corridor named “The Mayan Riviera”, between Cancun and Tulum. Situated within the colourful jungle of Playa del Carmen, which is considered to be the diamond of the Mayan Riviera, it holds a special place in the secluded pristine natural surroundings.

Playa del Carmen’s amazing white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters are the frames to the stunning island of Cozumel, the second largest coral reef in the world and the natural reserves of Sian Ka’an and Contoy.

The multimillion-dollar touristic, residential and commercial developments along with the unique beauty of the landscape have played an enormous role in making Playa del Carmen’s real estate much sought after. Its vibrant mixture of international cuisine, exclusive boutiques, golf courses, cruise ships and pulsing nightlife, provide a rich quality of life experience set in an exuberant multicultural paradise.

Within an privileged location in the Yucatan high canopy virgin jungle, Sanctuary Lagoon is just 11 km away from the Punta Maroma Beach, 16 km from downtown Playa del Carmen and 40 km from Cancun’s international airport, but affords a tranquillity that makes it seem worlds apart. This unique concept and location will provide the best of eco-friendly modern living in an ambience of sustained tranquillity.


Sanctuary Lagoon is an amalgamation between a biosphere reserve and an eco-residential development that offers a variety of residential locations, from gorgeous land parcels overlooking tropical private reserve forests along with compassionate animal and plant restoration programs, to land parcels that overlook the unique park that is host to the private crystalline lagoon.

Sanctuary Lagoon is with in the vicinity and part of the Beyax development. Up to 2,500 hectares of this residential biosphere will be inhabited by like-minded people. The privileged low-density of this community ensures life in an immense natural biosphere for the long term. The total employment of alternative energies, as well as the recycling of natural resources, is the basis of necessary ecologic and sustainable development. Sanctuary Lagoon homes are designed to have concentric gardens surrounding them for the production of organic orchards and medicinal plant gardens.

Sanctuary Lagoon offers a wide range of unique architectural styles. From local Mayan Palapas, picturesque Asian antique houses, Hari’s Tree Houses, Rodrigo’s sacred geometry homes to Memo’s artistic masterpieces. The door is also open to invite those wishing to build to a specific taste in.

As a means of preserving the unique richness of its environment and aesthetic harmony, Sanctuary Lagoon will establish environmentally friendly restrictions to benefit the residents and the indigenous wildlife inhabiting its ecosystem.

Sanctuary Lagoon provides its residents with a great natural common wealth, that is 85% of the entire property is to be kept as private jungle preservation areas.

The smallest parcel size will be 3,000 square meters, (over two thirds of an acre), with a density of one cabana per parcel. A maximum of 15% of the land will be used for construction, and a total of 69 residential lots in the sanctuary lagoon property.

Its residents will enjoy a community centre, community permaculture Biodynamic gardens, gated entrance with 24 hour security, Residential Building Guidelines, Yoga and Meditation Shalah, Mayan steam sweat lodge (temazcal), raised jungle promenades and chill areas, picnic areas etc.

This careful development held in sustained harmony nourishes the opportunity for its residents, and coming generations to experience and enjoy nature’s prime.

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Surrounded by ancient forests that hold within them natural pools, ponds, lagoons, as well as magical cavern systems containing captivating stalactite formations with turquoise blue and green crystal clear underground rivers that reflect the haven of Mother Nature in her finest hour, Sanctuary Lagoon will have a diverse range of common and private, some productive gardens as well as nourishing preservation forests, created for the restoration of endemic plants.

Blessed with a multitude of fresh water underground lakes and rivers, Sanctuary Lagoon is strategically placed above one of the main water reserves of the Caribbean Bay. Residents of this community will enjoy a magnificent private lagoon framed by high growth virgin forest.

This tropical paradise is host to a variety of endemic wildlife such as medicinal plants, tropical fruits, deer, monkeys, turtles, ancient trees as well as a multitude of orchids, various butterfly species and indigenous birds, all sharing harmonious coexistence.


Sanctuary Lagoon is a new sustainable, eco- preservation community being developed in the pristine old growth jungle on the out skirts of Playa del Carmen and only 11 kilometers from the beaches of the Caribbean Ocean. The vision of the community’s lifestyle involves the harmonious integration of a conscious civilization at one with nature.

The objective of this exclusive development is the weaving of a beautiful tapestry, which integrates self-sustainability as its main theme, unique architecturally designed residences by a team of master builders, permaculture organic community gardens and a community center with areas available for activities including yoga, meditation and social gatherings.

Blessed with a multitude of underground fresh water rivers, this tropical paradise is host to a very rare jewel of nature, Sanctuary Lagoon. Located in the center of the development and measuring 80 meters in diameter and over 30 meters deep, the crystal clear waters of this private lagoon will be enjoyed by all the residents of the development as a shared amenity in a park like setting.

This paradise, framed by a majestic yet pristine forest will also include extensive private gardens with areas designated for tropical orchards, medicinal plants, as well as common gardens with tree restoration parks and with exotic wildlife reproduction programs organically placed adjacent to and in harmony with the residential areas. Such an unusual combination will allow the full delight of a sanctuary that also provides a high quality of life experience.



Antique Asian houses have been hand selected for their one of a kind uniqueness and have been imported directly from Asia, to be placed both in Beyax and Sacbe Eco Villages. They have been lovingly restored and customized in Indonesia. Made from exquisite precious tropical recycled hardwood with meticulous handcrafted carvings, they offer the option of an antique patina finish that in turn enhances the nature’s beauty of the area with their earthy individuality, producing exquisite results that lead to contemplative but humbling reflection.

They can be ordered by the Sanctuary Lagoon residents in different shapes and sizes, depending on the tradition of the location where they come from. These are limited treasures and invaluable collectors’ items. They can also be custom modified using local Mexican materials.

balinese-houses-sanctuary-lagoon1 balinese-houses-sanctuary-lagoon2 balinese-houses-sanctuary-lagoon3 balinese-houses-sanctuary-lagoon4 balinese-houses-sanctuary-lagoon5 balinese-houses-sanctuary-lagoon6 balinese-houses-sanctuary-lagoon7 balinese-houses-sanctuary-lagoon8 balinese-houses-sanctuary-lagoon9

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This masterpiece development located with inn the ”Sacbe” Eco Village, located 6km away form Sanctuary Lagoon, perceives homes as organic temples integrated into nature’s ecosystem. Such architecture will allow its residents to truly experience a communion with nature that thus enhances the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Presently under construction it combines sustainability, nature’s preservation, sacred geometry, green building, eco-technologies and the arts as its main theme. The blend of astral architecture and an understanding of Mother Nature at work complete this harmony.

Both of these forward thinking and visionary projects have been conceived and brought to fruition through the same group of like-minded individuals.

Memo Siliceo’s unrivalled building style is high-end, handmade, luxurious and organic in which hear, and in the residential community to be built in Sanctuary Lagoon, combines powerful Mayan stonework with mystical palace and temple replicas from the Orient.

sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon1 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon2 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon3 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon4 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon5 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon6 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon7 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon8 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon9 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon10 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon11 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon12 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon13 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon14 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon15 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon16 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon17 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon18 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon19 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon20 sacbe-sanctuary-lagoon21


In the high mountains next to Mexico City in the year of 1969, a breath taking eco mountain village was founded within the nature reserve of ‘Desierto de los Leones’. This enchanting ecological community was created by Memo, and possesses one of the most beautiful architectural works of art. It has, until recently, been kept like a beloved family secret. At last, this landscape’s sculptural treasures, for so long protected, are now being displayed as Mexican masterpieces around the world, for all to share.

For the last 40 years, a team of highly trained stonemasons, carpenters and landscapers have been taught how to build homes as musical instruments, firstly fine-tuning all materials with a harmony and reverberation to then echo the lives of those who live within. These teams have now been brought to the south where the genesis of a new community named Beyax has begun.

The Tree House has been the inspiration for the concept of reproductive landscape gardens and has reproduced thousands of trees, and hybrid species that have been used for replanting forests and urban areas, over 500 species of plants – including some with medicinal properties – fruit trees and commercial production trees. It is also responsible for the reforestation of 5 million trees, planted in Mexico City and the surrounding areas.

casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon1 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon2 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon3 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon4 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon5 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon6 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon7 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon8 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon9 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon10 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon11 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon12 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon13 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon14 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon15 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon16 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon17 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon18 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon19 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon20 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon21 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon22 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon23 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon24 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon25 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon26 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon27 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon28 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon29 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon30 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon31 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon32 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon33 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon35 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon36 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon37 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon38 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon39 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon40 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon41 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon42 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon43 casa-del-arbol-sanctuary-lagoon44